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Meet Tiffany Ellis



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Tiffany's experience working for the people of Oklahoma County in the Clerk’s office for 7 years has provided her with the experience to be a Clerk for the people. Tiffany currently works for The Mettise Group supporting a business class that is focused on developing main street values and investing in communities in Oklahoma County. Prior to joining Mettise she spent several years working for local non-profits giving back to the community.


Growing up in Oklahoma, Tiffany Ellis was taught by her Mother, a Realtor and former City Councilmember and father, an Air Force Veteran, the value of hard work and giving back to the community. Tiffany and her Husband raised their 4 children with these principles of service, attending the church led by her Father-In-Law.  


Tiffany will bring her commitment to service to work for you as Oklahoma County Clerk!

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